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Frequently asked Questions - 2023 - 2024

Where do we go for evaluations?

Evaluations: Players must attend one session only.  Once you arrive at the evaluation, your player will go through various drills so that we can evaluate each player.  Come anytime during the time slots and expect to stay approximately 30 minutes. The busiest times are at the very beginning and it is typically slower during late morning. Visit our Dates Page for evaluation location and times. 

What is Upward Sports?

Upward Sports is a program that promotes the 360 degree total development of the athlete: physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially. The driving purpose behind Upward is help each young athlete play with purpose!

Why are we doing Upward Sports in our community?

Our desire is to bring the community together through a positive sports environment. In Upward Sports, we are working together across various lines that have divided our community in the past, including: race, class, and church denominations. We all share the common goal of investing in the young people of our community and helping them become better players on the court and better people off the court.

What will be provided to me by Upward?

Basketball players will receive a jersey.  Each uniform is specific to the child’s size and is theirs to keep. Players will also receive various curriculum from Upward.  Coaches will be provided curriculum for leading devotion’s at practice, along with an Upward Coach kit.

How do I get a scholarship?

To to our Scholarship Page to apply

When are practices and games?

We will have 1 practice during the week and 1 game on Saturday. Practices will be in the evening on either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Exact times are currently not available until teams have been created.  The practices and games will be held at our various host churches in Winchester, KY listed below.  Your actual practice night will be determined by the gym availability at the church location. 

Can you tell me my child’s specific practice location or practice night?

After registration is complete and teams are created, we will be able to provide your practice location and practice night.  We will not have practices on Wednesday nights, but your team will have one practice per week that could take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.  We do not take practice night requests.  The practice location will be at one of the host churches listed below.

Can I request a friend to play on the same team or a specific coach?

No, our league does not allow friend requests or coach requests.  If two volunteers request to coach together, we will try and honor this link, but do not guarantee this will happen.  Our first goal will be to provide coaches to all teams, and then link coaches when possible.

How can I get more information about the league?

Please use for all up-to-date information and also our Facebook Page will have our most up-to-date info.   

Who and where are the host churches?

Calvary Christian Church  
15 Redwing Dr, Winchester KY 40391

Central Baptist Church  
101 W. Lexington Ave., Winchester KY 40391

Christ Church Winchester 
1691 Ironworks Road, Winchester KY 40391

Christview Christian Church 
3133 Boonesboro Rd., Winchester KY 40391

First Baptist Church Winchester 
37 N. Highland St., Winchester KY 40391

First Church of God 
2500 Colby Road, Winchester KY 40391

What are the important dates? 

See our Dates Page.

What is the refund policy? 

We will provide a full refund up until the time we place our order for the uniforms.  Once we place the league order for uniforms, there are no refunds.

What is the age range for the league?

Players must be age 4 when registration begins up to the 12th Grade.

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