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Team Pages
Select your team to view your practice and game schedules as well as your coach information.

Basketball Team Pages

Kindergarten Aggies

Kindergarten Orangemen

Kindergarten Trojans

Kindergarten Miners

Kindergarten Nittany Lions

Kindergarten Mustangs

Kindergarten Fighting Illini

Kindergarten Golden Eagles

Kindergarten Cyclones

Kindergarten Sycamores

1st - 2nd Grade Cougars

1st - 2nd Grade Panthers

1st - 2nd Grade Rams

1st - 2nd Grade Falcons

1st - 2nd Grade Polar Bears

1st - 2nd Grade Cobras

1st - 2nd Grade Lions

1st - 2nd Grade Cheetahs

1st - 2nd Grade Owls

1st - 2nd Grade Wolves

1st - 2nd Grade Bears

1st - 2nd Grade Penguins

3rd - 4th Grade Hokies

3rd - 4th Grade Pirates

3rd - 4th Grade Gamecocks

3rd - 4th Grade Fighting Irish

3rd - 4th Grade Jays

3rd - 4th Grade Longhorns 

3rd - 4th Grade Scarlet Knights

3rd - 4th Grade Spartans

3rd - 4th Grade Aces

3rd - 4th Grade Bruins

5th - 6th Grade Suns

5th - 6th Grade Clippers

5th - 6th Grade Nets

5th - 6th Grade Cavaliers

5th - 6th Grade Hawks

5th - 6th Grade Bulls

7th - 8th Grade Lakers

7th - 8th Grade Knicks

7th - 8th Grade Pistons

7th - 8th Grade Pelicans

7th - 8th Grade Hornets

7th - 8th Grade Grizzlies

9th - 10th Grade Jazz

9th - 10th Grade Thunder

9th - 10th Grade Raptors

9th - 10th Grade Trail Blazers

9th - 10th Grade Heat

9th - 10th Grade Kings

11th - 12th Grade 76ers

11th - 12th Grade Bucks

11th - 12th Grade Nets

11th - 12th Grade Timberwolves

11th - 12th Grade Mavericks

11th - 12th Grade Celtics

Cheer Team Pages

K4 - K  Cheerleading Super Stars

K4 - K  Cheerleading Impact

K4 - K  Cheerleading Sparklers

1st - 2nd Cheerleading Excite

1st - 2nd Cheerleading Cheer-rifics

1st - 2nd Cheerleading Allstars

3rd - 4th Cheerleading Spirit Stars

3rd - 4th Cheerleading Starbursts

3rd - 4th Cheerleading Lucky Charms

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